1200 mins and unlimited texts for £30

Already got a mobile you’re happy with, but don’t want to get locked into a long-term contract? Then make the most of a superb SIM only deal. Unlike a normal contract, you’re free to cancel at any time – with just 30 days notice. Ideal if you’re between phones or waiting for the right deal to come up.

T-Mobile Direct have some great offers on their SIM card only deals. Save £10 per month on Just SIM 40, making it only £30 per month for 1200 mins and UNLIMITED texts, with no commitment

Put your SIM card into your current mobile and you’re ready to start talking and texting. If you spot a better offer or decide to take a new contract deal with a free phone at a later date then you’re free to switch with just 30 days notice.

Click here for SIM card only deals

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